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Millions of people are experiencing a lot of tension around their neck and shoulder, due to bad posture sitting behind the computer or using other mobile devices. This can cause neck pain in the long term. In order to reduce or prevent neck pain, neck traction device can help.

With a portable neck traction device you can gently stretch those stiff neck muscles. To reduce or prevent neck pain, you use a neck traction device at home or visit massage therapist to get neck massage. Inflatable neck traction device is a new way to stretch stiff neck muscles by using air pressure.

To properly do traction, you will need to make sure that the unit is properly set up. Once you are sure it has been placed and assembled properly, you will place your chin into the strap. To begin, your sessions should only be 7 minutes long, gradually working up to 15 minutes per session. Each day, you should do two sessions, These can be done at any time that you have time.....KEEP READING

Poor neck posture can lead to a variety of chronic, painful issues. Every inch that the head drops down increases its weight by 10 pounds. So if the head is dropped two inches due to neck posture issues, this adds 20 pounds to it and the neck is forced to compensate. Correcting incorrect posture will not only prevent future potential issues, but it can also be helpful in helping to relieve current issues. Neck traction is an easy and effective way to ensure that the neck is in the position that it should be...KEEP READING

No more messy water bags and no more lengthy setup procedure to get a neck traction. Unlike the over-the-door neck traction, ChiSoft neck traction is easy to use and portable. Just put the device around your neck and inflate it with the air pump to gently stretch your neck with instant relief...KEEP READING

When neck muscles are tense or injured by whiplash, it's not unusual for just holding your head up to hurt. The problem with giving in to neck pain, unfortunately, is that stress on your neck is transmitted through connective tissue all through your body. ....KEEP READING

Neck pain is not a one size fits all issue. It has dozens of different causes, as well as dozens of different treatments. When the pain becomes moderate to severe, many people are prescribed narcotic pain relievers. These can be effective for the majority of people, but at the same time, they can carry with them great risks and adverse effects...KEEP READING

Unfortunately, neck pain is an all too common and painful occurrences in the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the world today. Sometimes termed Cervical Spondylosis, this malady can create a number of symptoms culminating in severe cervical pain...KEEP READING

Neck pain and stiffness have a profound impact on the lives of those living with them. There are dozens of potential treatments, but may of these carry the risk of side effects that may just make the patient feel worse. One option that chiropractors frequently use in their offices and recommend for home use is neck traction...KEEP READING

If you are suffering a literal pain in the neck, there is probably nothing more helpful than neck traction. A soft but firm, supportive collar can be just what your neck needs to overcome injury or stress that can make just holding your head up painful. But neck traction pillows and collars work even better with the magnets imbedded inside...KEEP READING

Having a neck curve that is misaligned can result in a variety of issues, such as the nerves in the neck getting pinched. Proper Posture is critical to cervical spine health and in preventing issues, such as pain, weakness and numbness in the neck, arms and shoulders. Everyone should know whether or not their posture needs corrected and the best ways to get it corrected...KEEP READING

Back pain may affect either the lower or upper back region. Disorderliness causes pain in the lower back to the bony lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, abdomen and pelvic internal organs, and the skin around the lumbar area while upper back pain is caused by tumors in the chest, aorta, and inflammation of spine....KEEP READING

Pain is viewed as a discomfort usually physical suffering caused by injuries, sickness or illness. It is a swift departure from the typical well being of a person that brings about a very intense level of restlessness. In other words, back pain can be viewed as a distress to the back that causes a sensation that hurts.....KEEP READING

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