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Poor neck posture can lead to a variety of chronic, painful issues. Every inch that the head droops down increases its weight by 10 pounds. So, if the head is drooped two inches due to neck posture issues, this adds 20 pounds to it and the neck is forced to compensate.

Correcting incorrect posture will not only prevent future potential issues, but it can also be helpful in helping to relieve current issues. Neck traction is an easy and effective way to ensure that the neck is in the position that it should be.

What Health Issues Can Be Caused By Poor Neck Posture?
Most commonly, poor neck posture can lead to pain in the neck, shoulder and head. This is due to the muscles being in a position they are not meant to be in for extended periods of time. This can also lead to neck strains and sprains, which can further cause the neck muscles to weaken. When these muscles are weakened, you may have difficulty holding your head upright, furthering the issue of poor neck posture.

Other potential issues that can result from poor neck posture include disc herniations in the cervical spine, pinched nerves, arthritis and general instability.

What Is The Correct Neck Posture?
When the neck is in proper alignment, the C curvature should be at 40 to 60 degrees. This position allows all of the nerves in the cervical region to easily exit their respective holes and the spinal cord is relaxed.

A variety of issues can cause neck posture to become improper. One of the biggest is sitting at a computer for extended periods of time. This hunched-over posture throws off the normal curvature in the neck. Other common causes include sleeping with the wrong-sized pillow, sleeping with your head on the arm of the couch, prolonged reading in bed and driving for extended periods of time.

How Neck Traction Helps Correct Neck Posture

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Neck traction can be beneficial in restoring cervical curvature. Even the smallest of misalignments can result in pressure on the nerves, and therefore, symptoms like pain and weakness. Traction will stretch the neck, gradually helping to restore its normal curve.

This type of therapy most often involves a pulley-type of device that is attached to a wall or a door. You lie your head into the designated area and simply lie there for seven to 15 minutes. There are no side effects and no recovery time.

Some studies show that the use of home neck traction devices are capable of restoring a normal cervical curvature in about 12 weeks. This is based on the device being used properly and as often as the directions state. In general, the user will use the device twice daily for seven to 15 minutes each time.


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