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work caused neck pain

When you use your arms or upper body more than normal in your job, it may stress your muscles of upper back and neck. In the modern world of computers, mobiles, and telephones; pain in neck, soreness, and stiffness are not unusual. People involved in jobs that make use of such equipment often wake up with stiffness and soreness in their upper body. This pain and stiffness may also come in the later part of the day, but you may not notice in until next morning.

Whether you are experiencing sharp pain or a stiff neck that fires down your neck’s back every single time you try to turn the head, the symptoms of neck pain can be unbearable. You must have received long list of advices from your friends and family about how to sit properly and what kind of natural remedies you can do to heal the pain. However, before you cure the pain, you must know about the mistakes that you might have been making at your workplace, which became the cause of your pain:

Top 3 mistakes that cause neck pain and stiffness
Office becomes a nightmare when you start experiencing neck pain and stiffness. It is not necessary that you must be sitting in front of a computer screen to develop neck ache.

1. Tele-calling
If you are into telecalling, you must be holding on to the telephone receiver for long times, which can strain your neck badly. Many people have the habit of holding the receiver of fixed line phone on their shoulder and leading their head, which can obviously strain their neck muscles and the shoulder that holds your phone.

You can deal with this job by handling your phone properly. If your job includes typing along with taking calls, you must use a headset. It will prevent you from holding your phone receiver in the wrong manner.

2. Height of your computer
If your job includes working on a computer for long hours, you must make sure that the height of your keyboard and monitor is appropriate according to your height. If these things are not taken care of, and you sit in the wrong posture because of the incorrect height of your keyboard and computer, you are going to have a bad time with your neck pretty soon. If you have to hunch over your computer screen, or look up to it, your neck is going to pay a heavy price for it. You might experience the pain any time during your working hours when the muscles are exhausted. The pain may become worse the next morning based on tiredness of your muscles.

To deal with this mistake, you must make sure that the height of your monitor or laptop is ideal. The ideal position is when your eyes are located at the top three-fourth portion of your monitor. The ideal height of the keyboard is when your hands and elbows are parallel to each other. You must make sure that you never look down or up, hunch over, or keep your arms placed down or up.

3. Lifting things the wrong way
When you have to lift things more often at your workplace or home, you have to do it properly. However, this is a less common fact known among people about sore and stiff neck and back. Inappropriate lifting of heavy objects can give you chronic lower back pain, stiff neck, sore muscles, herniated spinal disc, and many more lifelong problems.

When you lift objects, you must make sure that you know the right method of lifting. Take the help of your legs while lifting heavy objects, in place of using only your arms to pull all the weight. In addition, do not twist your wrists too much. If an object is heavier to lift beyond your capacity, it is better to take the help someone to lift it rather than injuring yourself.

Mistakes that can worsen your neck pain
When you are ignorant of the causes of your neck pain and stiffness, it is forgivable. However, when you become aware of the condition of your body, you must not ignore it. Your spinal cord is a crucial part of your body and any kind of problem in your neck or back must not be ignored. Below mentioned are a few mistakes that you must keep away from in order to live a healthy life.

Using heat packs
You must use heat on your neck only when your condition is chronic and the inflammation has not increased in the recent time. Heat enhances the flow of blood to the neck. Therefore, when you use heat on your neck after an injury, you may increase inflammation, pain, and swelling. You can rather apply ice on the affected area.

Ignoring the stiffness
Pain in the neck obviously indicates that things are not right in your body, so you must refrain from ignoring the pain for too long. If you know the reason for your pain, you must look into rectifying them and treat your pain at the earliest.

Going for surgery quite soon
Seeing a spine surgery for quick fixing your back is the biggest mistake anyone can ever commit. Back and neck pain should be treated with non-invasive techniques. Surgeries for these areas often make them worse rather than treating them.

Consuming pain relief pills
Americans are often conditioned for taking pills whenever they experience any kind of pain. However, all kinds of allopathic medicines have their side effects including OTC medicines. The long- term side effects often outweigh the short- term relief. Moreover, the OTC medicines do not treat the root cause of pain, they just relieve you from pain for the time being. Therefore, you must avoid these medications as much as possible.

Depending on your primary doctor for a long time
General healthcare practitioners are often not trained for the spinal issues, which makes it even more complicated to get the right treatment or even diagnosis. If you have been enduring the pain for several weeks, it is highly recommended to see a specialist or a chiropractor.


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