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cervical pain

What is Cervical Pain?
Unfortunately, neck pain is an all too common and painful occurrence in the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the world today. Sometimes termed Cervical Spondylosis, this malady can create a number of symptoms culminating in severe cervical pain.

Why Do You Have Cervical Pain?
Cervical pain is caused by several, often interrelated things, including but not limited to a trapped nerve between vertebrae, muscular problems, injury due to physical activity or accident, and inappropriate sleeping or working posture. Some of the more common symptoms include headaches, reduced range of motion, muscle weakness, numbness, various levels of pain, and lack of coordination.

When Do You Have Cervical Pain?
As one grows older, the bones and cartilage that make up most of your spine and neck gradually wear down which can cause stiffness in the ligaments that connect the neck bones to the muscles. Over time this leads to vertebral and disc degeneration. Typically, these symptoms start to show up in persons 40 years old or older, unless of course a physical injury is involved.

How To Reduce Cervical Pain?
There are numerous pain relief treatments available to those in pain such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, exercises, oriental medicine, epidural injections, and even surgery in chronic or acute cases. One of the most effective treatments available to everyone is a neck traction device.

How Cervical Traction Device Helps Relieve The Pain?
Cervical Neck Traction Devices today are simple and easy to use. They are portable and comfortable. Many of the traction devices immobilize the cervical spine, reducing the pressure on spinal nerves and providing a stabilizing position. The traction devices of the past, which sometimes required the use of water bags or weights to provide traction, are rapidly being replaced by modern and effective neck-stretchers. The typical traction devices of today offer ways for the patient to apply the necessary and wanted traction pressure in the comfort of your own home.

conventional neck traction
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How To Choose The Right Cervical Neck Traction Device?
There are numerous types of cervical neck traction devices on the market today. These neck-stretchers come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they are pneumatic, mechanical, and simple or complex, technologically advanced, injury specific or just "over-the-top" machines, the user should look for a few things when considering the investment.

One of the most important considerations because lack of use will occur if they device is not comfortable. Depending on the reason one has to wear a cervical collar (some need to wear them 24/7, while others for just a few hours at a time), comfort is key!

Weight and size of the neck traction device is something to consider, particularly is if long-term use is required.

Tthis can be important, again, depending upon the needs of patient. Cervical traction can require long-term use to be effective.

The most important consideration, a person can measure the effectiveness simply by the traction device’s ability to supply pain relief. Almost immediate pain relief is sometimes experienced.

Bells and Whistles
Some cervical traction devices measure the traction pressure, have alarms built-in, and even automatic warmers. Its up to the patient how many extras are necessary to make them want to use the cervical traction device.

Does this matter - YES! Particularly, if you need to wear the neck-stretcher out on a date.



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