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A lot of people around the globe experience plenty of tension around their shoulder and neck. This is due to the poor posture of people that arises from using mobile devices and sitting behind the computer for long periods. This in turn causes neck pain in the long term.

Thus, at such a time, neck traction devices come to the rescue of people suffering from prolonged neck pain. A neck traction device is useful in preventing or reducing neck pain. There are many types of neck traction devices.

For instance, there are fixed neck traction devices that you can keep at your home or see at a clinic. Massage therapists also use neck traction devices in order to massage the neck and reduce neck pain. Then, there are portable neck traction devices, which you can carry around. A portable neck traction machine can lightly stretch the stiff muscles of the neck. There are also inflatable neck traction machines, which are new in the market. These devices stretch the stiff muscles of the neck with the help of air pressure.

What is a misaligned neck curve?
A misaligned neck curve is a problem where the curve of the neck is misaligned. It can be due to a lot of reasons, among which the primary reason is poor posture. A crooked neck curve can lead to a lot of problems, like pinching of the neck nerves. Plus, it can also cause numbness, weakness, and pain in the neck.

Therefore, it is important that you maintain a proper posture at all times, if you do not want to get an askew neck curve. A proper posture can keep your cervical spine healthy and prevent issues like numbness, weakness, and pain in the shoulders, arms, and neck. Everyone must know whether they sit in the right posture or not and if not, then how they can correct it using the best methods.

How to determine the correct neck curve?
So, how can you know if your neck curve is right or not? And if not, then what should you do about it. You can simply determine it at your home. For this, you can take a wall test, which means you need to stand straight against a straight wall.

Ensure that your feet are nearly 6 inches away from the wall and your torso and head is directly against it. After this, you need to look at the amount of empty space that is between your neck and the wall. If this space is more than 2 inches, then you have a misaligned neck curve that requires some work.

In order to check the amount of space between your neck and the wall, you can take the help of one of your friends or use a mirror. The former way is a better method to determine space, as your friend can give you more accurate results by using a measuring device like a ruler.

How to restore the neck curve?
As we already told you above, exercise is important for your overall health. Plus, it is also helpful in restoring your neck curve in the right position. You can perform exercises that specifically strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, upper back, as well as the neck. This way you can bring your crooked neck curve back into place.

Ensure that you regularly perform your exercises and do not miss them even a single day. Then only, they will be effective. Otherwise, it’s no point doing them. It should be a continuous effort over a long period of time.

Plus, you should not stop exercising even when you have restored your neck curve back into the right position. You must continue exercising in order to maintain the tone and strength of the muscles even after they are built.

Other than this, you can use a comfortable pillow for sleeping, which particularly supports the neck and its original curve. A pillow that supports your back in the right way also helps to keep the overall spine in the right alignment.

People who work on computers for long periods must ensure that they adjust their computer in the right way, so that the upper three-fourth of the computer screen is even with the level of your eyes. Moreover, you must sit atleast 18 to 24 inches away from the computer screen. Plus, do not forget to take breaks in between your work. It can even be for just one minute, but you must take breaks. This will relax your neck muscles.

Use ChiSoft neck traction device to improve your neck curve
A neck traction device is an effective and simple way to restore the original curve of the cervical spine. The neck traction machines that are available in the market today are much more effective, easier to use, and comfortable as compared to their predecessors.

You can use a neck traction device at your home, so that you can comfortably do the treatments anytime in a relaxed environment. However, you must set up the neck traction device properly to make it more effective.

Most of the neck traction machines can be connected to the door’s back. After you attach the neck traction device to the door’s back, you can put your head in the right spot. After this, you just have to lie there as it is for a specified time period.

Most of the neck traction devices require you to complete two sessions every day. And, each of the session is of a minimum of 7 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. This is how you can use the neck traction machine at your home in the right way and get unbelievable results through it.

However, you must know that cervical traction devices are not meant to replace or alter particular recommendations given by doctors. Nevertheless, they can prove to be useful in cervical traction by alleviating pressure from pinched nerves, sore muscles, and misalignment. Plus, they can also reduce the allied pain symptoms in patients.


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