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If you are suffering a literal pain in the neck, there is probably nothing more helpful than neck traction. A soft but firm supportive collar can be just what your neck needs to overcome injury or stress that can make just holding your head up painful. But neck traction pillows and collars work even better with magnets imbedded inside.

Why Magnets Really Make Neck Traction Therapy Better?
The Department of Health Sciences of the University of York in England is currently conducting a comprehensive clinical trial of the scientifically verified benefits of magnets in pain relief. There have already been, however, several scientific studies that explain how magnets work.

The Right Magnet In The Right Place
The key factor in whether a magnet relieves pain or not seems to depend not just on the strength and type of magnetic field it delivers, but also on where the magnet is placed. A neck traction pillow like the one sold by ChiSoft Neck Traction, that places magnets over acupressure points known to relieve pain is always best.

Slow And Steady Improvement
There one thing that the scientific studies of the use of magnets to relieve pain that every sufferer of neck pain needs to know: Getting rid of pain for good with magnet therapy takes time. You will feel a little better just as soon as you put on the cervical traction device. You will feel better still in about a week. Wearing the device as directed for four to six weeks, however, is usually necessary for maximum benefit.

No Pills, No Needles
Magnet therapy has a lot going for it. There are no pills. There are no needles. The magnets don't need batteries, and they can't injure skin. Give ChiSoft Cervical Traction a try to get rid of neck pain for good.

The ChiSoft® Neck Traction Equipment Inflates
The ChiSoft neck traction device inflates by slowly pushing air into the device using an air pump. The ChiSoft neck traction equipment is an inflatable device that treats most neck problems.

ChiSoft neck traction is comfortable and can be used at home or office. This inflatable Neck Traction device is lightweight. The rubber inside the neck traction device is covered with soft textile at the top and bottom, so it feels very comfortable and it's convenient for users on the go.


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