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Are you experiencing neck pain? Is the neck pain lasting longer than you expected or disturbing your daily activities? That's why you have found website. Find out what neck pain is, what the causes are what the danger signals associated with neck pain are.

There are several theories about why so many people suffer neck pain, but they are not supported by scientific proof. For most people, no specific reason for the pain can be found yet. Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, poor posture, work stress or some other health problem such as obesity. Learn everything about neck pain and the causes here.

You have no choice. That's work. The bad news is that work and stress together causes neck and back pain. What are the top three activities at work that causes you neck pain? How to avoid these?...KEEP READING

How to treat whiplash? Could a Neck Stretcher Help You Overcome Whiplash? Whiplash is usually caused by car accident. Symptoms of whiplash are stiff and painful neck and shoulders. Whiplash should be taken seriously. If you have a car accident your neck may have experience major injury that can cause chronic neck pain...KEEP READING

Pinched nerve treatment doesn't need to start with surgery. Have you been using drug addictive pain killers to stop the pain, but with no result? There is a safe and non-surgical way to treat pinched nerve...KEEP READING

Are you still using pain killers? Did you know that medication can damage your liver? Here are some simple steps to end neck pain for good without using addictive pain killers. Disocver the neck pain remedy without medication...KEEP READING

Coping with arthritis neck pain yourself could be difficult. Neck Pain from Arthritis could lead to other body pain. There arthritis neck pain techniques you do not know yet. Here are different solution for neck arthritis...KEEP READING

Got pain in neck caused by bulging disc? Thinking about neck surgery? Well, bulging disc treatment doesn't need to start with surgery. Avoid neck surgery by using these non-invasisve bulging disc treatment...KEEP READING

A bulging disc can mean day after day of pain and discomfort. In extreme cases of bulging disc, sometimes surgery is the only recourse available. But how safe IS surgery for bulging disc? What are the risks? And what are the types of surgeries to consider?...KEEP READING

What are the neck exercises which will reduce virtually any neck pain? Why 90% of all neck sufferers do not know about these simple neck excercises. Do not let cervical pain give you sleepless nights...KEEP READING

Using a neck traction device can be a scary thought, but it does not have to be. When we hear the word "traction," many of us get a mental image of some poor victim of an accident wrapped up in bandages lying in a hospital bed tied to pulleys and weights to keep various parts of his body immobilized...KEEP READING


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