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conventional neck traction

No more messy water bags and no more lengthy setup procedure to get a neck traction. Unlike the over-the-door neck traction, ChiSoft neck traction is easy to use and portable. Just put the device around your neck and inflate it with the air pump to gently stretch your neck with instant relief

Why Over-The-Door Traction Can Be Dangerous?
Traditional forms of neck traction involve weights and water bags that are suspended from the wall or the back of a door. Traction is applied by using weights and water bags through a head halter that gives lots of pressure through the chin.

over the door neck traction

Besides, the setup procedure is time consuming and the person must sit in the correct position of the person to receive the proper neck traction (neck traction recipient must sit on a chair with their back facing the wall or door). It is quite dangerous if someone opens the door or if the water bag leaks.

Traditional neck traction has been widely used to relieve neck pain and muscle spasms because it stretches soft tissues and separates joint surfaces. To achieve effective separation of joint surfaces, forces up to 50 pounds or more are used in professional clinics.

The disadvantage of traditional home neck traction is that it cannot duplicate the necessary force to achieve separation because the weight and water bag technique can only exert a force of 20 pounds or less.

ChiSoft Neck Traction Device, A Safer Way To Get Neck Traction
The ChiSoft neck traction device gives you the power to achieve separation of joints to relieve pressure from irritated joints and compressed discs without using weights, painful chin straps, or messy water bags. NO batteries and NO side-effects!

What Makes ChiSoft Different From Other Neck Traction Models?
ChiSoft Neck Traction does not use a water bag, so you don't need to put the device at the door anymore. This neck traction device is using air to provide a vertical traction. ChiSoft consist of 3 air chambers that can be inflated by simply using a air pump. Just wrap the air neck traction device around your neck and press on the air pump to inflate it.

By inflating the device with your own hands, you have full control over the traction force. The inflated air chambers of the device will gently stretch the stiff muscles and soft tissues.

Neck traction therapy is not new. It has been applied by chiropractors and other health care specialist for relief of neck pain caused by pinched nerve, compressed disc or nerve root compression.

Now there is an easy way to get neck traction therapy at home. ChiSoft Neck Traction is small and light, powerful with a wide traction range. It has a special dynamic structure.

conventional neck traction
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How Does ChiSoft Neck Traction Help Your Relieve Your Neck Pain?
Once The Neck Traction Device is inflated with air pumped it gently lifts up your neck. As a result, pressure between the cervical discs can be reduced.

Frequent use of ChiSoft Neck Traction helps prevent neck pain by increasing blood supply to stiff neck muscles. Only 10 minutes of using the neck traction device will produce amazing relief.

The low and high pressure air chambers of the ChiSoft neck traction device can improve your comfort during traction and immobilization.



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