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how to use chisoft neck traction

Wrap the air cushions around your neck and slowly inflate it with the air pump until you reach a comfortable stretch. It works to provide gentle neck stretching with air inflated discs to treat the majority of neck issues and pain.

You no longer have to wait for a massage therapist or make a chiropractic appointment. Get immediate relief with this innovative neck traction device!

Using Neck Traction For Sports-Related Neck Strains And Sprains
Sports help to develop a fit and healthy body, but at the same time, they greatly increase the risk for injury. Neck strains and sprains are a common occurrence in the majority of sports, but specifically in contact sports and gymnastics.

While the injury itself is not serious in the majority of cases, it can inflict pain, stiffness and other discomfort acutely and during the recovery period. There are beneficial conventional treatments, but they are not meant for everyone. Neck traction is another option that can help to alleviate the pain and stiffness, as well as promote strain and sprain healing.

What is a Neck Strain?
A strain is often referred to as whiplash. Many professional and amateur athletes experience at least one strain during their athletic career, and often more than one. This injury occurs as a result of sudden force. This force causes the muscles or tendons in the area to become more stretched than they should be. Athletes involved in football and other contact sports are at a high risk for this injury.

Pain and stiffness are the most common symptoms. The athlete will often experience an acute onset of pain almost immediately following the injury. However, in some cases, the pain and stiffness do not set in until the next morning. A strained neck can be difficult to move due to the stiffness and pain limiting range of motion. Headaches that occur in the back of the head at the base can also occur.

Ligaments are bands of soft tissue responsible for connecting the seven vertebrae in the neck. A hard fall or sudden movement can cause this injury. Again, contact sports increase the risk, as does gymnastics. The sudden fall or movement can tear or overstretch a ligament.

Pain is the most common symptom. It generally affects the back of the neck and is worse when you are moving the neck. The pain generally comes on the day following the injury, and not right after the sprain occurs. Range of motion limitations and stiffness are common. Pain and muscle spasms in the area of the upper shoulder can also occur. It is also not uncommon for the arms or hands to feel numb, tingly or weak.

The Difference Between s Strain and a Sprain
The difference lies in what part of the body is injured. In the case of a sprain, a ligament in the neck is injured. In the case of a strain, a tendon or a muscle is injured.

Using Traction to Help Heal Neck Strains and Sprains
Strains and sprains often cause pain, stiffness and difficulty moving the neck. While it is a good idea to rest the neck for a day or two, getting the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments back to work is critical for a fast and full recovery.

Neck traction is the best way to give the neck and upper back muscles, ligaments and tendons a complete, thorough and safe stretch. This will immobilize the injured neck for a short period of time and take the pressure off of any nerves.

In addition to pain and stiffness, it is not uncommon to see muscle spasms occur along with strains and sprains. These spasms are generally very painful and can stop you from wanting to do any of the prescribed physical therapy. They can also interfere with basic activities of daily living like getting dressed or taking a shower.

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How Pressure at Cervical Spine Can be Reduced with ChiSoft Neck Traction
Neck traction will gently stretch the cervical spine and all of the soft tissues near it. When the muscles that are spasming are stretched, the spasm is relieved. A muscle that is in a stretch has a much harder time going into spasm. With repeated treatments, spasms can be permanently knocked out.

In terms of the actual strain and sprain, it is important to get the injured soft tissues moving again. Traction offers a gentle way to do this. You will only spend 15 minutes per traction session, allowing the soft tissues in the neck to heal and not be overworked. Overworking a strain or sprain can lead to further injury.

To properly do traction, you will need to make sure that the unit is properly set up. Once you are sure it has been placed and assembled properly, you will place your chin into the strap. To begin, your sessions should only be seven minutes long, gradually working up to 15 minutes per session. Each day, you should do two sessions. These can be done at any time that you have time. If your pain is particularly bothersome on any given day, you can add another session or two to help keep your pain at a tolerable level.

How Often Should I Use ChiSoft Neck Traction?
Once you start to become more comfortable, carry out a single session early on each and every morning after you get up as well as one prior to going to bed. These would be the most effective times for anyone to complete these particular neck routines.
Session 1: Practice a single session daily as pain tolerance rises.
Session 2: Begin to perform two sessions. The first in the morning and then the second, before going to bed.

The particular explanation behind why we suggest making use of the air traction first thing each and every morning is actually due to the fact you have not used any of these targeted pain muscle groups.

This will help you get through the day with no neck pain. Prior to bedtime can also be another great time to use the ChiSoft neck traction device. You should be unwinding and alleviating any kind of nerve pressure in your neck you may have brought on during the day. This will help to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort when sleeping.



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