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The Chisoft Cervical Traction Device is Specially Designed for:

  •      Compressed disc
  •      Degenerative arthritis
  •      Neck spasm
  •      Pinched nerve

How does Chisoft Cervical Traction Device Help Your Neck?

neck traction

Many people are suffering from chronic neck pain as a result of long term physical stress, whiplash, poor posture, or computer work. It easy to get a neck pain treatment at home with ChiSoft neck device.

ChiSoft cervical traction device is an easy to use device made of comfortable latex. It gives you full control to stretch the soft tissues and separate joint surfaces to relieve neck pain and muscle spasms.

As you squeeze the air pump, the traction force gradually increases to gently stretch your neck and your head will be slightly lifted upward. This relieves pressure from irritated joints and compressed discs so most people will feel a reduction in neck pain or elimination of neck pain when the neck traction device is used regularly.

More About Chisoft Neck Traction

What do Our Customers And the Specialists Say About Chisoft Neck Traction?

We had many positive feedbacks from our patients. The ChiSoft cervical traction is user-friendly and effective for neck pain relief. ChiSoft neck traction is a great product that can help my patients. I would recommend your traction device to anyone.

Dr. J Renkens, Chiropractor

Nashville, TN

ChiSoft cervical traction is a great invention and it helps relieve the neck pain of our patients. We had many positive result with our patients using The ChiSoft neck traction.

B. Wodaski

Certified Hand Therapist

Many of our patients like the product. It relieves their stiff neck muscle and tension quickly. We have been using the ChiSoft cervical traction for 4 months and received great feedbacks. This device has helped our rehab program.

Jeff Hill

Director of Rehab and Sports Medicine

I wanted to thank you in the manner you handled my order for a Neck Traction device. Being in Australia I was concerned about payment over the internet, product and delivery. However, there was no need for concern, I was amazed how soon it got to me and was thrilled with the product which was as advertised. Thank you as it made a big difference to my elderly father's comfort.


Victoria, Australia,


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