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These 5 gentle neck exercises are the ones that STUCK in my little brain from physical therapy treatments by a plethora of health care professionals over a 2-3 year span. I can’t even tell you from what disciplines these stretches originated from, but I can say that they have made a BIG difference in the quality of my life!

These neck exercises may seem like they are too GENTLE to be effective but THEY WORK.

1. Head Press Right/Left - Place your Hand on the Side of your Head and GENTLY Press against It. Press and Hold for 3 Seconds, then Release. Switch Hands and Repeat. Do: 3 sets of 3.

2. Head Press Forward/Backward - Place your hand on the front of your head and GENTLY press against It. Press and hold for 3 seconds, then release. Place hand on the back of the head and repeat. Do: 3 sets of 3.

3. Neck Pull - Reach behind back with one hand and grasp the side of head with the other. GENTLY tilt the head until a stretch is felt. Hold for 3 seconds. Repeat other side. Do: 3 sets of 3.

4. Neck Stretch - While sitting, grasp forearm with the other hand, across the body. Pull GENTLY while titling head to the opposite side until stretch is felt. Hold for 30 Seconds. Repeat each side, twice.

5. Doorway Stretch - Stand in a doorway. Place hands at shoulder level against the doorway sides and lean forward until GENTLE stretch is felt in chest and upper back. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 20 times. Do: Twice a day.

How Can Neck Exercises Help Relieve Cervical Pain
Neck pain is primarily brought on by bad body posture. Using a properly designed exercise routine can help alleviate all your symptoms. Around 90% of all individuals will probably encounter some kind of cervical pain throughout their daily lives.

Often this particular pain is the result of poor posture; sitting down working in front of your desk for long time periods; car accidents or maybe by falling asleep in an uncomfortable position. It is possible to concentrate on the central pain location by using cervical workouts.

Here are a few recommended physical neck exercises that you can carry out anywhere to alleviate any neck pain.

Wait, Here Are Two More Easy Neck Exercises For You
Each of the next neck exercises are generally suggested to be accomplished in 15 to 25 reps. These types of neck workout plans will help to build better, more healthy neck muscles. Just implementing a number or perhaps all of the following workout routines shown below during your everyday regime really can benefit your general everyday living.

Don't forget to inhale and exhale smoothly as you conduct each one.

1.Bridge Pose – Don't Do This If You Are Not Flexible Enough
The bridge pose is whenever you lie on the floor with the face downwards. You simply get on the elbows and toes, carefully lifting your body and keep a horizontal position to the floor.

Simply by maintaining this position for 10 seconds, together with performing 10 repetitions in a workout session, you'll begin to develop a stronger back, starting from your neck to the tail bone. If your body is not flexible enough, you should skip this exercise.

2.Circular Stretches
Simply by slowly rotating the head in a clockwise circular movement; smoothly for 15- 25 reps depending on your own amount of pain tolerance is going to eliminate tension. Look at holding your chin to your chest for about five seconds and returning your head to your starting position. That should ease the ache of joints as well as taut muscles located in your neck.

Things To Consider When Conducting Neck Exercise Routines
When you are performing any of the neck workout plans mentioned previously be sure you execute every one of them with extreme care. Finishing each exercise using the steadiest performance should guarantee you a painless workout.

Whenever you reach a particular stiff area try to keep this position as long as you can. By accomplishing each exercise using a comfortable slow speed you will lessen your chances of harming yourself even more. After you are done with your neck exercises consider stretching out employing a neck traction product which could help you relax as well as remove any sort of residual strain on your neck nerves.

Day-to-day practicing these types of workout routines will increase your neck recovery to a normal movement. Be sure you remember to rub your neck region softly following a well preformed exercise session.

None of these neck exercises are meant to replace specific doctor-recommendations, but they may effectively provide cervical stretching and strengthening, thus relieving pressure from pinched nerves, misalignment, and sore muscles. Do not exert excessive pressure when performing any of these stretches. Over-working these can cause serious injury!


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