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reasons to use chisoft neck traction

Using a neck traction device can be a scary thought, but it does not have to be. When we hear the word "traction," many of us get a mental image of some poor victim of an accident wrapped up in bandages lying in a hospital bed tied to pulleys and weights to keep various parts of his body immobilized.

1. You've Got Neck Injury
Many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists prescribe Neck Traction Devices to relieve pain caused by an injury. Whether it is an injury from an automobile accident, or an injury from a sport like football, neck traction devices provide pain relief, and allow the muscles and vertebrae the opportunity to heal properly.

2. After Neck Surgery
Many doctors recommend gentle support and slight traction after surgery as immediate treatment for pain and discomfort cause by the operation. Cervical Traction Devices also provide support to maintain proper cervical alignment and allow the healing process to begin.

3. Have Pain In The Neck?
Today’s super-stressed world can lead to tight muscles in the area of the cervical spine. Neck Traction Devices can offer immediate relief from stress-related pains and discomfort by stretching the neck.

4. You Need More Than Just Neck Exercises
Cervical Traction can be included in neck exercise protocols to treat pain and nerve agitation. Cervical exercises can initially cause pain and instability that can be treated with Neck Traction Devices The use of these devices also can build muscle tone and promote the correct cervical alignment.

5. You've Got Pinched Nerve
The use of neck traction can serve to separate the cervical vertebrae and provide relief from a pinched nerve in the neck. Relief can be immediate and even permanent with long-term use of a Cervical Traction Device. Always consult a physician when considering any type of treatment for pinched nerve issues.

6. Neck Arthritis
Although there is no cure for arthritis, the debilitating effects of osteoporosis and the associated pain can be effectively treated with cervical neck traction. Neck Traction Devices can provide short and long-term relief.

7. You've Got Stiff Neck
Muscle stiffness from exercise or improper posture can lead to a “stiff neck”. Neck Traction Devices can provide wanted relief and can be worn around the house, at the office or just about anywhere!

8. Have Whiplash Neck Injury?

This can be a very painful time in anyone’s life! Cervical Neck Traction Devices are often recommended by doctors for immediate and sometimes permanent relief of neck related pain associated with whiplash-type injuries. Realignment of the cervical spine can also be effectively treated with Cervical Traction.

9. Headache From Neck Pain
Painful headaches can result from neck pain caused by a variety of reasons. Cervical Neck Traction will typically provide immediate relief from headaches caused by neck pain. Consult your doctor if headaches persist.

10. You've Got Neck Strain
Most cases of neck pain originate from strain and can be treated without surgery. Cervical Traction is excellent in relieving neck muscles by gently stretching to the muscles and joints. These devices are typically quite portable and can be used almost anywhere!

11. Poor Neck Posture
Wearing the inflatable neck traction device will keep your head straight. Chisoft neck traction device will support your neck and pulls up your chin, especially when you are sitting behind the computer. Regular use of the the inflatable neck traction device will help train your spine to become straighter and prevent poor neck posture.

12. Neck Herniated Or Bulging Disc

This is a serious condition that can lead to surgery. An effective intermediate treatment is Cervical Neck Traction. There are a number of well-designed products on the market today that can offer pain relief from a herniated or bulging disc. Always consult a physician when considering any type of treatment for vertebral disc issues.


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