How ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe (3 layers) Offers Fast Relief For Your Neck

Are you are suffering from neck pain all day long or not getting enough sleep? There is nothing more frustrating than chronic neck pain. Here is the relief that you have been waiting for. A portable neck traction device that relaxes stiff and sore muscles in the neck.

Reduces neck tension and stress
Relieves pressure to sore muscles
Supports the head and neck
Helps relieve muscle tightness
Helps Corrects poor posture
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Pain Killers Can Not Cure Your Neck Pain

Did you know that long term usage of prescribed medication can damage your liver and other organs? Pain killer can stop the pain temporarily, but it does not cure the problem. Besides, pain killers can be addictive. The more you use it the more you need it. So, is there another way to help relieve the neck pain without using medication?

But ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device Can Help Your Neck Pain

ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe helps reduce the stress and tension built up in the neck. This neck traction device uses three built-in air chambers to give gentle a traction relieving strained neck muscles from computer work or whiplash. By slowly increasing the pressure with the air inflation pump the neck muscles will be comfortably stretched.

Gently stretching the length of your neck using inflatable layers helps reduce muscle soreness and relieve tightness and soreness in the neck. You will immediately feel the pain and pressure on the nerves and joints melt away.

Top 7 Reasons To Try ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device

  1. Immediate relief anywhere and anytime
  2. Reduce pharmacy bills
  3. Reduce pain killers
  4. Prevent poor posture
  5. Recommended by Chiropractors
  6. 30-Day No Risk Money Back
  7. 1-Year Warranty

Best Features of the ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe

The best features is that ChiSoft can be used anywhere and everywhere!

Extra Special Features:

  • Made of soft and lightweight rubber
  • Covered with silky textiles for immediate comfort and relief
  • Adjustable for different neck size and length
  • No batteries and assembly require to operate
  • User-friendly

Only A One-Time Purchase To Get Long-Lasting Relief!

No More Wasting Money On Pain Killers

Neck Traction
Stop Neck Pain NOW For Only
$89 US $32
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How to Use ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe

Wrap the air cushions around your neck and slowly inflate it with the air pump until you reach a comfortable stretch. It works to provide gentle neck stretching with air inflated discs to treat the majority of neck issues and pain.

You no longer have to wait for a massage therapist or make a chiropractic appointment. Get immediate relief with this innovative neck traction device!

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic neck pain, then this neck traction device is the solution you have been waiting for! The ChiSoft Neck Traction device is a convenient, comfortable, and drug free way to get neck pain relief.

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Summer Sale ~ 50% OFF

Neck Traction
Stop Neck Pain NOW For Only
$89 US $32
FREE Shipping + $5 Rebate
Specifications - ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe
Safety & Cautions
  • Inner Diameter: 12 cm
  • Outer Diameter: 27cm
  • Neck Size: 11" to 19"
  • Weight: 250 gram
  • Inflatable Layers: 3
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Material: Velour
  • Max Rising High:21cm / 8.3inch
  • Do not sleep with the Air Neck Traction
  • Do no use as neck brace
  • Do not use with acute neck strains or sprains.
  • Adjustable Size
  • Adjust the cushion vertically by blocking the upper layer to be inflated
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