How ChiSoft® (3-Layer) Neck Stretcher Offers Great Massage for Your Neck


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ChiSoft® Neck Stretcher is Great tool To Massage your neck

This neck traction device uses three built-in air chambers. By slowly increasing the pressure with the air inflation pump the neck muscles will be comfortably massaged.

Top 7 Reasons To Try ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device

  1. Immediate massage anywhere and anytime
  2. Reduce massage therapist bills
  3. Good quality product
  4. Prevent poor posture
  5. 30-Day No Risk Money Back
  6. 1-Year Warranty

Best Features of the ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe

The best features is that ChiSoft can be used anywhere and everywhere!

Extra Special Features:

  • Made of soft and lightweight rubber
  • Covered with silky textiles for immediate comfort
  • Adjustable for different neck size and length
  • No batteries and assembly require to operate
  • User-friendly


Only A One-Time Purchase To Get Long-Lasting Massage!


Neck Traction
Stop Neck Pain with
ChiSoft Deluxe NOW

$89 -> NOW ONLY US $54
FREE Shipping + $5 Rebate

How to Use ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe

Wrap the air cushions around your neck and slowly inflate it with the air pump until you reach a comfortable massage. It works to provide gentle neck massage with air inflated discs.

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Neck Traction
Stop Neck Pain with
ChiSoft Deluxe NOW

$89 -> NOW ONLY US $54
FREE Shipping + $5 Rebate
Specifications - ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe
Safety & Cautions
  • Inner Diameter: 12 cm
  • Outer Diameter: 27cm
  • Neck Size: 11" to 19"
  • Weight: 250 gram
  • Inflatable Layers: 3
  • Adjustable Height: YES
  • Material: Velour
  • Max Rising High:21cm / 8.3inch
  • Do not sleep with the Air Neck Traction
  • Do no use as neck brace
  • Do not use with acute neck strains or sprains.
  • Adjustable Size
  • Adjust the cushion vertically by blocking the upper layer to be inflated
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